Sears Point Raceway is a road course located on a hill which is called Sears Point and it is the southernmost peak of the Sonoma Mountains in Sonoma County, California. 

The Course 

Sears Point Raceway is a Road Course with a lot of turns. This is one of the two Road Courses in the game along with Watkins Glen International. The Sears Point Raceway provides a new challenge to NASCAR drivers along with those playing NASCAR 99 who spend most of the time not braking that much and turning left on the ovals. In this track, there are 12 turns which are both left turns and right turns. Along with every other NASCAR course in this game, there are sponsors on big billboards all around the track. The sponsors on the billboards are SaveMart Supermarkets, EA Sports, NASCAR Racing Series, Sears Point Raceway, Pepsi, Goodyear Eagle, StormFront Studios, Mountain Dew and STP. There are multiple grandstands scattered around the track. There is also a giant score tower in the middle of the track. Like every other course in this game, there is an orange 76 sphere sign. 


  • If you look closer in the background, you will see the former Sears Point Toll Bridge which went over the Sonoma Creek going into the San Pablo Bay which is to the south of the raceway. 


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