Watkins Glen is a road course located at the southern tip of the Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen, New York. 

The Course 

Like Sears Point Raceway, Watkins Glen is a road course that has a lot of turns. This is one of the two road courses in the game along with Sears Point Raceway. This is an easier road course unlike Sears Point because of the easiness of the turns and you can go at high speeds up to 188 MPH or 302 KMH. There are 11 turns in this track with a majority of them being right turns than left turns. The game uses the Short Course which has the inner loop. Attempting to drive through the little road that is at the inner loop will severely slow you down. Driving through the grass in the inner loop area will also severely slow you down. The inner loop is also the site of crashes which can give you damage, cut your tires or make you lose tires forcing you to quit. There are also multiple grandstands scattered around the track. 


  • You can go at high speeds at this track


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